Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie: I had a mastectomy for my 6 children


Angelina Jolie, how revealed to share a mastectomy of her suffering and her family – and became stronger. Mother and Hollywood stars 6 has to be deleted after it was said that she ran the risk of 87% of the cancer of their breast her. Angelina, 37, has been welcomed Brad Pitt of partners, as “hero” at 49. And to … Continue reading

Cheating on Apple

  The oldest relationships in her life (users) in one of fraud in the early stages. Apple I cheated. Environment around these days since Apple may talk like she is a fickle trend followers. “Apple this download at risk of losing” the Wall Street Journal rivals slowly on many fronts doubts as to build up a course, categorically said the … Continue reading

The genius of Samsung ads: Even the most gimmicky features look like must-haves


The genius of Samsung ads: Even the most gimmicky features look like must-haves. One of the major criticisms against Samsung after launch Galaxy S4 certainly ridiculous in March was that his new device did not contain anything revolutionary, just a series of “tricks” that consumers do not really care, because Aerial View feature that allows interacting with the phone keep … Continue reading

Amazon launches Android app store in China


Shanghai – Amazon launched an Android app store with premium application before China, Google, online store increased digital content in the world’s largest mobile market. Amazon to open its Kindle e-book store in China in December launched its Android application store to download free and paid applications for users in China at the weekend, Amazon spokesman said: Chinese yellow Billy … Continue reading

‘Grand Theft Auto 5′ trailer remade with ‘San Andreas’ visuals – watch

‘Grand Theft Auto 5′ trailer remade with ‘San Andreas’ visuals – watch   The Grand Theft Auto 5 recent trailer ‘Michael’ is a visual version of San Andreas was. ND Studio has played frame picture frame with graphics like the 2004 entry in the police series. Grand Theft Auto 5 was announced in October 2011. Based in Southern California vaguely … Continue reading

E! Online’s Twitter, texting accounts hacked

E! Online’s Twitter, texting accounts hacked. E! Online says it sends a news alert that the wrong information about Angelina Jolie and Justin Bieber, hacker is detrimental to its Twitter account or text messaging you. Saturday the Syrian electronic army, claimed the trick. E! Online, said that working with Twitter, and it was in progress investigation of attacks in order … Continue reading

Google Now is actually a good thing for Apple


Google Now is actually a good thing for Apple.. On Monday, the assistant personal applications, Google has announced that the current, iPhone users to offer an alternative to Siri, it becomes available in Apple’s iTunes Store is Google. As a victory for Google, technology most experts, please refer to this development. In his article, I destroyed the walled garden of … Continue reading

Guilty pleas in Ohio rape Twitter threat case

Guilty pleas in Ohio rape Twitter threat case.. Twenties, was sentenced to probation if found guilty plea after threatening tweets sent after conviction of Ohio high-profile rape case. Tweet was sent in the month of injury and threatened to murder rape girl in two football players in high school. I announced to the lawyer for one of the girls, two … Continue reading

Google Glass: What You Can and Can’t Do With Google’s Wearable Computer


Ask the other stop “I think glass of Google it.”: That: whispers some people, and some, “? Do you like to get the job done in any way to” I simply take a picture take out the mobile phone. They all also, I have something in common. I want to know is whether it seems to look through the other … Continue reading

YouTube to be opened soon

Islamabad: When the government will take place in a few days, YouTube, all necessary measures, again, YouTube said it was over, I learned from a government source reliably.Responsible at this point to open, took decision in principle. YouTube to be opened soon. In addition, government departments, said it has completed a presentation on how the relationship between the private sector … Continue reading